hi, i'm mohammad  

i like to create things with words (writing, research), materials (wood, mixed media), computers (design, web development, code), and more. sometimes i share projects here.

i’m also interested in technology-enabled progress. i currently lead product policy teams across four countries at a large tech company. previously, i helped develop, launch, and enforce policies for other billion+ user products. before focusing on tech, i worked on economic development issues at a number of organizations, including a multilateral where i was an adviser for several years. i spent that period of my career investigating causes of poverty and determinants of development.

my latest project is upglobe.com, a website that hosts the world's largest collection of impact-driven job, freelance, procurement, and funding listings. many opportunities in sectors like humanitarian assistance are either difficult to find or hidden behind cost prohibitive paywalls. those barriers exacerbate information asymmetries that drive inefficiencies and inequities. i built upglobe to confront a small part of that problem with the hope that it enables individuals from around the world to more readily compete for opportunities. the site has grown to thousands of users around the world.

i try to update this website periodically. to get in touch, send me an email.